Audrey Videos

Audrey - here are a few sequencing things.  Don't rush the process.  Think Gooooooooo Team.  The Gooooo is the load - slow to fast.  Slow is the load and getting the foot down.  Fast is starting the forward swing with hip rotation while the upper body still resists.

- 1). Start with the Rock the baby drill.   Make sure you follow the instructions.  The shoulder rotation should keep the bat staying on the toe line.  In front it points at the pitcher.

Make sure the knob of the bat in general hitting points at the catcher's left foot on load.  

- 2). K Posture Drill - Do this drill without putting your back foot on a ramp.  If you have a cinder block that is great.  Basically, you need to load, but when you get into the launch position you body is shaped like a K - front shoulder down, but spine steady.

- 3). Practice the Launch position - Please not the front heel is down and your front foot is pressed into the ground on the inside.  Think of the front foot being in cement.

- 4). Hit Pause Drill - from here you get into to launch and start the sequence with hip rotation.  The front foot needs to be planted into the ground.  

Note: sorry for the poor quality video - I work with Coach Epstein, but Coach L has much better videos and they are not shareable.  So, I recorded from my computer.